Inspiration Strikes

So this is officially my first post.  I’m still figuring out my way around this site, so don’t expect it to automatically turn into some kind of super-blog.

I like to talk.  A lot.  But really only about things I enjoy talking about.  I guess this is pretty normal for most people, but for me it reaches an extreme level.  If I don’t really like something, I’m a wall.  If I’m in a class, I’m a rock.  But if you were to ask me about say a project I’m working on, you will hear the full story in its entirety (unless of course you ask me to stop).

So that’s why I’ve decided to start this development blog.  I have so many ideas and so little time to actually implement them, so I’ll talk about them here.  I’ll post concept art, ideas, any little scraps and tidbits related to the projects I’m currently working on.  I hope I can find a little something for everyone in my old files and folios.

I guess I’ll probably start posting sometime within the next week.