Pearls: The Next Step

So, it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted, but I’m getting back into the game.  I’m going to be updating a lot more, hopefully with more and more interesting things.  For starters, I figured I’d bring the world up to speed on the project I had just begun last I posted: Pearls.

Title card, as it appears in the film.


It’s been over a year and a half since I first pitched Pearls to a class of my peers, and in that year I’ve managed to board it out, animate it, run it through post production, and screen it.  I entered a final edit of the film in a student film festival at my school, and it won the juried “Best of Fest” award.  It’s come a long way since a silly little idea about a crab essentially just “hanging out and doing stuff” as I pitched it.  I’ve made contact with a student in the music department who’s planning on scoring it with an orchestra over the summer, so by August there will be a “Director’s Cut” of sorts, with remastered sound effects and new box art for the DVD.  Crabby has become my mascot, logo of choice.  He’s made a place for himself in the animation department.  As soon as the film is finished I’m going to ship it around to festivals, see what comes of that.  Not bad for a first project.

Target Acquired

Crabby finds the clam.

Also, our student thesis film, HAVEN, screens on Friday.  I nabbed traditional animation supervisor and storyboard artist positions on it.  The animation is very stylized, but it looks great in contrast with the superb work of the 3D team.  I’m excited to get audience reactions to it.  We’ve worked hard for a whole year.  I can’t show anything from it yet, at least not until the premiere on Friday.  Stay tuned for further excitement, as well as a post-graduation breakdown of my summer plans for animation