BACK… with results.

It’s been over a week since my last post.  When I started this blog I made one post and then didn’t do another thing with it for over a year.  I’m trying to get away from that, so I’ve been kicking myself for not posting.

In my previous post I brought up an interest in scanning in a piece of dialog from a class and then digitally cleaning it up.  Well, that’s been put on hold.  I still REALLY want to do it, but technical difficulties have currently prevented me from getting the ball rolling.  Really the only thing preventing me is the scanning process.  Scanning at home would take roughly around 4 years to complete on my slow bed scanner, so my only EFFECTIVE option is to do it on school equipment.  Also problem: since I’m graduated my  name is no longer in the school database to log onto the system, so I have to find someone willing to let me bum their username.  I might have to wait until fall when people actually have their names in the system.  So I’m sitting on that project.  It’s not dead, it’s just on the backburner.

I’m currently working with a group called We Did It Games on a project.  I’m doing some character animation for a Flash game.  Trouble is I can’t really talk about it or show you anything.  It’s my first real NDA so I’m playing it cool.  Needless to say I AM animating, but I probably won’t be able to show anyone until August or later what we’re working on.  It’s my first hand at animating digitally.  But I’m getting positive feedback, so I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing.  I haven’t had any opportunities to animate as ‘crazily’ as this either, at least not since I figured what I’m doing, animation-wise.

In terms of things I CAN show you, I’ve just finished the rough storyboard edit of my Akira short project.

For over a year now I’ve wanted to do this.  I’ve taken a single page from the Akira graphic novel and treated the frames as storyboards.  I’ve recorded my own dialog, and I’m going to do a lip sync through the whole thing.  I’ve never really had an opportunity to take something boarded out very rigidly and stick to it.  All of the storyboards we did in college were very squishy and open to lots of interpretation.  Even my own crab movie was malleable to a fault, as there was no dialog to sync to and nothing preventing me from elongating a shot or shrinking it as my eventual animation developed.  As a result, Pearls increased from 3 minutes boarded to 5 and a half completed.  So this Akira project is a way of teaching myself the process.

I’m waiting to proceed until I get my Cintiq.  I want to try doing a completely digital project.  My college owes me $2000 in prize money from a juried film festival that they’ve been sitting on not sending me for over a month and a half.  As soon as that gets here, if it EVER gets here, the Cintiq will be on route and this project will proceed.  I’m not sure when the next post will be, as I’m not sure I’ll be able to show much off, but I’ll try and have SOMETHING  to show the world next week.