Fathers’ Day Art

It’s been awhile since I’ve had anything postable.  I’m still in this awkward phase where I’m not really sure how much of my art I can talk about for confidentiality reasons.  Private freelancing work and searching for regular employment are taking up most of my time.  But I did manage to make a hole in my scheduling recently for a little gift for my dad for fathers’ day.

My dad

I used to do a lot of rotoscoping back in the day right after I first acquired my tablet.  I thought it was cool and fun to make, and it was good practice with the tablet.  I eventually moved on because I didn’t feel it was creative enough, but my dad always like those drawings.  He even had one taped up on the wall of his office.  So for Fathers’ day I decided to do something in a similar vein, only not.  It’s not rotoscoped, it was done using a mockup of images that my mother took of him over a recent vacation, and then painted based on those.  My old rotoscopes were cartoony and flat.  I never really understood lighting.  But I feel that this drawing of my dad (which has more layers than any non-animation photoshop file I’ve ever worked with) really captures the scenery.  The yellow pops yet goes nicely with the green background; it’s not too hot or too cold, the lighting seems soft and natural.  College definitely helped teach me digital painting; I think I’d like to try more of it in the future.

Oh, and my mom had it framed before she gave it to him.  It’s a brown one that complements the earth tones in the background nicely.  He liked it a lot.