This thing finally arrived in the post yesterday.

Here it is installed and running.

As soon as I sat down after accepting my “Best of the Fest” award, I leaned over to my two best friends and said, “I’m getting a Cintiq!” And now, almost three months later, it happened. Waiting on the check, waiting to find one, waiting for it to ship, took a while. It’s pretty much the pinnacle of digital art, and it’s been a dream of mine for the longest time to have one.
I have a Wacom tablet. It’s an old Graphire 4 that I got my junior year of high school. It was great then. Now its so old its no longer officially supported by the company, and as screens became wider the aspect ratio has caused some problems for me. Essentially making me re-learn how to draw every time I plug it into a new computer. But no more, not with this thing. The Graphire still has a purpose, when I go on trips or leave the apartment, but now I can enjoy distortion-free drawing, and experience the convenience of natural eye-hand coordination.