To Art Or Not Art

As I posted on my Twitter yesterday, ” [I] feel bad for having no art to show lately… sometimes life happens too much too fast.”

I’d forgotten just how much time a day job takes up.  Let that sound as naive as you like, there’d be truth in it.  In the past, whenever I had a job I wasn’t actively pursuing major art projects.  Summer jobs, doing comics in a bit of my free time.  Nothing awe-inspiring nor, in retrospect, worth doing.  Summer was for relaxing after a grueling school year.  Now no such thing as school exists.  Summer is just another season.  Every day is for working, every day after work is a time for art.

Unfortunately, the art I’ve been doing lately is still of the hush-hush variety; projects with We Did It Games, odd jobs for Steve Emmons’ “Leila” show for Moroccan TV (of which I have none of the final edits, so I can’t really show you what it is I’m working on), and web design work for LinkPoint Media, which I could show, but it’s not very interesting and it doesn’t fit with the themes and vibes of this blog.  So I’ll spare you.  I don’t even have doodles or sketches to show you.  I don’t share that stuff.  It doesn’t help that I’m moving to a new apartment soon, so my Cintiq is going back into the box for transportation, as when I look ahead at my schedule until the move there is little to no time to be devoted to my personal projects.  A shame.  The Akira project has lulled on accident due to a sudden influx of freelance… after the move though that’ll be sorted out and background art can continue.  The second background is just a zoomed-in first background, so I’m bringing it up to a higher def so it can withstand more scrutiny.  But because of that, it doesn’t feel like anything new, just a closer version of what you’ve already seen.

In Progress

If you view it at full size, you can see that the bike is all that’s been done so far, everything else will have a slight pixellation to it.  And ignore Kaneda, he’s just there as a contextual reference.  I plopped the frame from the storyboard in at the size and location I wanted him and then resized the background to match so that everything would stay in scale.  This particular frame in the comic book has no background, it’s just white, so I have a little artistic liberty.


Upon leaving work this afternoon I was greeted with an awesome email from my composer, the ever-talented Allison Geatches, informing me that she recorded the music for “Pearls”, and as of the time of this posting, I believe that she is currently involved with the final mix and mastering.  A full fledged, 100% final version of “Pearls” will be available in less than 24 hours.

Unfortunately, as a result of my moving and certain other delays, final versions will not be available in a physical form for anyone.  A few select individuals will have access to the digital files, but that’s all.  Then, after some tweaking, fiddling, and possibly the purchase of a bluray writer, DVD and BDD discs will be available for order, and then it’s on to the festival circuit.  The original box art looked more like an  adventure/horror film than something cute about crabs, so I’ve tapped a close friend (who is a TRAINED designer! Imagine that!) to fix up the cover to match the vibe.

Soooo yeah.  I think that’s about all from me.  Check back in a week or so, hopefully there will be SOMETHING of interest to show.