Out of the Wasteland

The Wasteland of No Internet.  An infernal place, full of suffering, misery, and the inability to post, send, or receive files; files that could mean the difference between a job and sitting around watching TV with no direction in life.  Fortunately, I was saved from this wretched Nightmare Zone this afternoon, so of course my very first destination?  Making a blog post.

Work with We Did It! Games has been motoring along strongly.  I was recently given the opportunity to step up and contribute all of the art and animation to the major boss battle of our game.  It’s a critical job, and I’m pretty stoked that Wayne has enough faith in my skill and artistic direction to take complete control of the character.  I’ve already made some pretty gratuitous strays from the original design (for gameplay reasons) and I got absolutely stellar feedback.  I hope the game launches soon… I’ve probably done my best work yet on this project and I NEED to put it on my demo reel.  As well as share it’s glorious goodness with y’all.

In terms of things I can show you, Akira proceeds along at it’s usual rate of slow.  Free time is hard to come by.  But I finished background 2, as promised.


It’s not much to look at.  Just consider it a higher-res version of a very small portion of the previous background.  It’s not very interesting, but it’s vital to the shot.  Here’s a peek at the next phase of the process:

Original page.

Once again, the original frame will need to have a lot of touching up done to it.  It’s not the same aspect ratio as a screen (quite the opposite, in fact) so I’m going to have to fabricate the sides of the frame.  Also, there’s a considerable chunk of space cut up by Kaneda’s speech bubble.  I can sort of imagine something to fill the space of the Bartender’s, but the bike is already a nightmare to draw at times while I’m tracing directly over it, even less so when I have to imagine what it looks like.  Fortunately, I have a great piece of reference material.

*     *     *     *     *

In less animation-related news, I’m thinking of designing a new logo.  I’ve been using Crabby as my log for a while now, but I’ve been considering developing an actual logo, and relegating the crabs to the position of signature.  The main reason for this is that I don’t feel that the crabs jive well with my chosen moniker, thematically or stylistically.  So I’ve been toying with some ideas, but there’s nothing near ready to show.  Once I can develop some form of “brand identity” I’ll see if I can get a proper website built, and not just a column of blog work.  A proper portfolio site (still with the blog, I like expounding on my thoughts) that I won’t be quite so afraid to show to potential employers.  Everything on the horizon is changing!

Stay tuned for partial excitement!