Are You Asking For A CHALLENGE?!?!

So, working on NDA stuff means I have nothing of interest to show you.  HAHAHA, yeah.  That’s not really an excuse.  But day job means it’s really difficult for me to sit down to create meaningful arts.  So to FORCE MYSELF to have interesting things to blog and post about, I’m starting, not one, but TWO drawing challenges!  Starting tomorrow, I’m counting down from one drawing challenge into September, where I will begin a full-fledged 30 day challenge going throughout the month.

Since most of these draw thingies tend to start off the same (draw yourself, draw your favorite movie, blah blah) I’m going to start by counting backwards from the 30th day until September starts.  So, here’s my pattern starting tomorrow:

30. A place you want to go.
29. Something you don’t like.
28. Scenery.
27. A couple.
26. Something you need.
25. Something you miss.
24. Something you want.
23. Something new.
22. Inspiration.
21. Favorite Fairytale.
20. Comic.
19.  Most Recent Accomplishment.

The idea behind this is that I’ll be forcing myself to master using the Cintiq.  I think I’ve gotten a pretty strong handle on it, but I want to get more and more practice on a variety of subjects, not just cartoon characters.

Then, LITERALLY the day after this challenge is over, I’ll be starting on a challenge I’ve been aching to do for a while.  I was planning on waiting for my Cintiq to arrive before I started it, but then I had to move and then I was without internet so I decide to postpone it until my scheduling was on a more solid footing.  Ergo, September.  This list is ripped direct from the blog of Angel Onofre (two links there), a fellow Columbia grad and animation wizard.  Check his work out, it’s stunning.  I love this list, mainly because it doesn’t fall into a lot of the tried-and-true challenge themes, like “your favorite x”.

1. Self portrait
2. Imaginary friend
3. Most recent dream
4. Redesign book cover
5. Childhood memory
6. Whats in your bag?
7. Hybrid Animal
8. Scene from a movie
9. Siamese twins
10. Superhero
11. Super Villian
12- An elderly person
13. A baby
14. Portrait of a pet
15. A dinosaur
16. Draw anything with your eyes closed
17. A delicious food
18. Zombies!!  (I will not be doing “Zombies”, as I am sick to death of Zombies.  I’ll do… aliens… or monsters… or something.  Anything but… ugh… “zombies”.)
19. Sea creature
20. Your dream job
21. A guilty pleasure
22. Favorite cartoon character
23. Actor/Actress
24. Collage
25. Best friend
26. Instrument
27. Something with sentimental value
28. Your zodiac sign
29. The meaning of your name
30. Draw anything you’d like, but in a different style.

So, hopefully this will mean regular (nay, daily) posting from me for a while.  Hope you can handle the wall of art headed your way.  None of these are going to be groundbreaking pieces, I can’t sacrifice ALL my time (still have freelancing to do) but I really want to focus on layouts and color themes and animation principles (if applicable).  Oh, and comment on stuff, please.

*     *     *     *     *

What was I going to say?  I’ve been in a habit lately of posting on two major subjects at once, and now I can’t seem to remember what I had in mind when I started writing… if anything, I hope this paragraph is an insight into how I approach these blogs; I tend to spit words like the actors in a DVD commentary.  Occasionally insightful, but mostly just chitchat.  Talking.  Inside jokes.  A glimpse not into the making-of, but the STATE OF MY MIND ITSELF.

I guess that’s it then.  It’s not coming to me.  Oh well. Blog post, GO!