2: Public “Servants”

I know that politics is a huge hot-button topic and I really shouldn’t go anywhere near it if I don’t want to provoke an argument.  I’m not really political, I don’t subscribe to any one set of beliefs.  I side with different groups on different issues, but where you or I stand on certain issues is not what this post is about, and I have no intentions of ever discussing my beliefs in either a public or private forum.  Today’s post is about a huge, generic, bipartisan group that everyone understands.

Something I don’t like, as the topic for today is, is the concept of “politicians”.  In every profession in the world, there is training, and there are requirements.  Only in politics is it possible to succeed with simply “a desire to be in politics”.  Most politicians study law, but how does that prepare one for running a country or determining policies?

Most of my ire stems from politicians stepping into realms far beyond their scope of competence.  Education, mainly.  I believe that, unless you are AN EDUCATOR, you have no place building a curriculum or determining policies.  What are your qualifications for choosing to teach what you do?  There aren’t any, unless you bring in outside assistance.

I just feel that politicians spend more time arguing with each other and trying to get re-elected than actually “serving” people, especially at the exorbitant rates these guys get paid.  Take it how you will, that’s just where I stand.  I know someone’s got to run a country, because I certainly have no desire to do it, I just can’t help but wonder if there’s a better way to pick them.  So that brings me to today’s art.

Something You Don’t Like