3: Besaid Island

Video games pretty much defined my adolescence, even before I owned my own.  My childhood idols were my older cousins, and I’d play games with them whenever I got a chance.   Games and animation had a significant impact on my imagination, but only in the best of ways.  I grew up obsessed with fantasy and science fiction, and roleplaying games.  I remember when I was introduced to Final Fantasy in the form of III (VI) on the Super Nintendo.  I was hooked ever since.

I’ve always enjoyed the world design of Final Fantasy games, even if there were other things I didn’t like about a particular title.  But if Square knows how to do one thing, it’s make pretty pictures.  But the thing that has had an even stronger impact on me, especially in the past few years, is the music.  Nobuo Uematsu knows how to take a set of visuals and really make the mood come to life with his brilliant compositions.  I believe that one of the best examples of this work is in Final Fantasy X’s “Besaid Island” theme.

The theme from Besaid has obtained an even more special place in my heart recently.  When I was storyboarding “Pearls”, I set the board reel to that track.  It perfectly encapsulated the vibe that I was looking for.  Ethereal and yet possessing a strong melody at the same time.  But it also resisted a lot of cliches that music with a “beach-y” vibe tend to follow.  My composer Allison (link to her again, cuz she’s awesome) did a great job taking that simple looping track and turning it into something that suits MY visuals so well.

So today’s scenery comes from a fictitious piece of land with a lot of personal meaning for me.