5: Career

I’m very lucky right now that at this point in my life there aren’t a whole lot of things that I can say that I NEED.  I can pay all my bills with a bit left over to entertain my nerdy lifestyle.  I work all day, come home, work on art, and still have a bit of time to relax.  I’ve got everything I need.

The only thing I can think that I need is a career.  Getting SERIOUSLY into the industry, going to an office and working on a product, whether it be films or television or even video games.  The hardest part is just getting your foot into the door.  Everyone wants experience, so you’ve got to be good for anyone to have confidence enough to give you that first shot.

So today’s post is me, working.  If I want a career I need to keep doing what I’m doing; making the best art/animation that I can, so that one day I’ll be on the credits roll of whatever project.

5: Something you Need

If this drawing feels a little incomplete, that’s because it is.  After yesterday’s drawing took me three hours (it was my day off of work, so I could afford that) I realized that I seriously needed to start streamlining the process.  I’m trying to spend an hour on one of these each, otherwise I’ll never have time left over to do the work that’s going to get me a job.  Which, as can be read in the post above, is the whole point of making art.  Getting a job.  It’s all very cyclical.