8: Short

“Something New” is one of the vaguest topics of this draw challenge.  New for me?  New for you?  New to the world?  There are so many different ways for something to be new, that my brain shut down.  Too many options.  I didn’t want to pick anything lame, and that made me not want to pick anything at all.

Eventually I settled on a “new idea” I’ve been toying with.  But which new idea?  I’m working (slowly) on a variety of different projects right now, each one receiving small amounts of time when I’m in the mood to work on them.  I’m playing with an idea for a comic book, one for a comic strip (a whole new concept for ME) and an idea for a new short.  I’m hesitant to work on the idea for the short, even though it’s the most compelling to me, simply because I’m in the midst of working on my Akira short, and I don’t want to wade too heavily into two personal animation projects at once, that coupled with my freelance obligations.

But I’ve done some art for the new short anyway, and I decided to make a sort of “full scale” concept art piece for today’s draw challenge.  I’m not giving out any details, as I’m not sure of most of them myself.

8: Something New