10: A Demon Story

I’ve never been a big fan of fairy tales; even as a kid I don’t remember reading them very much or finding them very interested in them.  Maybe I was, and I simply don’t remember.  When it came time to pick today’s challenge topic, I had no idea what I should do.  Last time I copped out and drew a picture from a fairy tale I wrote, which was pretty lame, but it was better than picking something I didn’t really believe in.

So, today’s image.   The story goes that there was a lonely blue demon who didn’t have any friends.  A  red demon came along and said, “I’ll go into that village and frighten all the people.  Then, you come along and pretend to scare me away.  The people of the village will be grateful and they’ll all want to be your friend”.  So they did just that, only the red demon had to leave town and go far away so the townspeople wouldn’t figure out the trick.  It’s a bittersweet story about self-sacrifice for a friend, and I just liked the story.

I became aware of this tale through the work of the late animation master Satoshi Kon, one of the most unique and powerful filmmakers in recent history, in any medium.  The story was inserted into the film “Tokyo Godfathers” to illustrate the relationship between two of the main characters.  I thoroughly recommend the film, if you haven’t seen it.  Kon’s movies have a lot of heart, and his passing has been a truly devastating blow to the field of animation.  In a period when all the major studios wanted to do was churn out sequels and poorly-executed cash-grabs, Kon’s films were a shining star of awesome.  In recent years the animation industry has seen a revitalization in creativity, but for quite a while it seemed that in the west only Pixar was making anything worth watching.

Oops.  Sorry for ranting.  Here’s the image.

Old-timey-paper should be its own Photoshop Filter

In other news, I really want to apologize about yesterday’s post and how horrible the art was.  It was a perfect example of “when you rush art, it turns out lousy”. Kaneda looked fine in the rough but turnd out bleh in the inking. Tetsuo’s nose is all kinds of messed up. I would have liked to do the lighting effects by hand instead of with a layer style, but again, no time. This is a prime example that these 30 day challenges aren’t meant to be gorgeous masterpieces, they’re meant simply to get you drawing.  If that’s an excuse, so be it.  But I’m not trying to sell any of these, just try different styles and techniques.