11.2: The Power That’s Inside

I decided to take today off, since the BIG 30 day challenge starts tomorrow and I really didn’t want to burn out.  Also I was barely home at all today, which is not conducive to good artmaking.

However, I received such stellar response to yesterday’s Warhammer-relating posting that I decided to revisit it.  One of my close friends enjoyed it VERY much, so I decided to make him a special version featuring his Chapter of Choice, the Space Wolves (sans wolf gear, I only messed with colors, not the art itself).  I also went back in and added shadows and highlights like I originally planned to give it a stronger sense of depth.  So here’s that.

Space Wolf Edition

So, the big challenge starts tomorrow.  Let’s see if I have time to start it (tomorrow is an incredibly busy day for me) might post late.