2: Imaginary Friend

I had a very active imagination and lots and lots of countryside to run around in as a child.  That coupled with my love for fantasy/sci-fi and big epic stories meant that at any point in time my adventures could involve 15+ imaginary friends as we were involved in a mass-duel to the death.  Which I didn’t always win.  Even as a child, the idea of heroes occasionally losing excited me.  Brought depth to a story.

I’m not sure who exactly these characters are, I just started drawing, very much like how a child approaches a page.  Who knows if those guys are even on MY team, we could be headed out to the clearing where we had to pause our battle yesterday so we can finish it.  ONE OF US MAY NOT COME BACK ALIVE!

To Victory, Brothers

In other non-challenge news, I have a design in place for the cover of Pearls.  Final art on that will begin this afternoon, and then the final edit of the movie’s credits to include all the wonderful people that helped make it a reality will be following shortly after that.  And then?  It’s time for festivals.   Also I had a windfall yesterday in the comic-strip character design department.  Hopefully that can proceed to the next phase sometime by the end of the month.