3: Your Most Recent Dream

I have a really bad, frustrating habit of dreaming about work, about my day job.  It’s really frustrating.  I’d rather dream of something far more interesting that I might be able to turn into a story further down the road.  But no, I keep dreaming about work.

Not wanting to draw myself putting stickers on objects or ringing up customers, I decided to offer you a very conceptual piece about a product we were selling that existed only in my dream… a turtle bowl.  Imagine this design on a bowl.  That’s… about it.  If only last night had been more eventful.

It’s a turtle. Imagine this turtle, only on a bowl.

In cooler news, I’ve decided that I’m going to record the illustration for the DVD cover for Pearls and make the resulting time-lapse goodness a special feature.  There was a rather disappointing dearth of behind-the-scenes material for me to put on the previous DVD release, and I really wanted to put more of that kind of thing in there.  Most of the pencil tests or rough animation did not survive (simply because I couldn’t save EVERY tests I did to my hard drive; I need space for other things too).  But I’m glad I have some new material that I can show people, some things to keep them interested.