5: Childhood Memory

The problem with doing “childhood memory” as a fresh-out-of-college artist is deciding where the cutoff line for “child” is.  In 60 years, I’ll probably lump high school in with childhood, but right now the cutoff age feels like 13/14.  So I chose something from probably the 8/9 region.  I honestly don’t remember.

My grandpa had a mound on his property.  Memory distills whether it was compost, or dirt, or something special, but it was a mound.  I could see patterns in it, and I built a huge fantasy world out of those patterns, some of the ideas of which I still use in my work today.

Yellow sticks are the best longswords imagination can buy.

Of course, seeing as how video games were all I ever thought about at this age, what I actually saw, in my mind’s eye, was this:

That is the path to the top, complete with all the stages.