6: What’s In Your Bag?

I spend a lot of time commuting.  An hour in, an hour back, most every day.  When I leave my second job, it usually takes me two hours to get home since trains run very infrequently at 2:30 AM.  As a result, I always make sure that I keep something with me to read, draw on, or play.  I’m currently in-between books at the moment, so right now my PSP has been making a semi-permanent home for itself in my bag.  I’ve been playing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Final Fantasy IV Complete interchangeably for the past month or so, depending on my mood when I wake up.

So I drew Snake and Kain, from both of those games.  I figured it would a lot more interesting to draw the characters than to simply draw a PSP.  Or my WORK ID BADGE! HOW INTERESTING WOULD THAT BE?!?!

This is not a caption.