8: Scene From A Movie

One of my favorite scenes from a movie ever is from “End of Evangelion”/”Death & Rebirth” (the same scene is in both movies. It’s easy to explain but I don’t have time).  It’s my favorite from three reasons:

1. It’s brutally intense.
2. The good guys lose.
3. It is RIDICULOUSLY well animated.

The entire fight leading up to the moment where Unit-02 gets pierced IN THE FACE by a Lance of Longinus is just glorious.  It’s one of the few moments in the entire series where you really get this sense of the weight and epic scale of the EVAs, especially when they’re wielding the giant blade-sword things.

Anyway, in this shot, Asuka is about 3 seconds away from being eaten alive by cannibalistic reproduction demi-gods/harbingers of the apocalypse.

I like the use of the long shot in this scene. It slows the momentum of the previous fight down, just like a spear to the face would.