11: A Supervillain

Today’s post goes hand-in-hand with yesterday’s, so if you didn’t read the explanation you should probably go back and check it out.  As I said there, I’m not a fan of superheroes, and with that comes supervillains.

Early villains especially were goofy.  Everyone had a gimmick, but essentially they all had the same goal (rob bank, kill people).  Penguin did bird stuff, Riddler told riddles that eventually gave up his plan.  The formula is there.

Today’s superhero throws away all sense of pretense.  He’s MURDERGUY.  His ultimate goal is simply to murder, so he’s equipped himself well for that purpose.  Notice it’s not SELF DEFENSE GUY or he’d have more body armor.  He just wants to murder.  Chainsaw shoulder blade, Laser gun, machine gun kneepad, cape made of knives.  Lots of Super Villains simply enjoy ending lives, but they always pretend that there’s a greater priority or a reason for their killing.  Not really.  They just look for excuses to make it happen.  Murderguy doesn’t even pretend.  He just does it.  He doesn’t have lots of subordinates… he killed them all.

Hey, at least he’s being honest. He just enjoys what he does.

Today’s post is a lot more sketchy and unfinished than what I usually post.  A commenter said yesterday that my superhero illustration was more engaging because it had a spontaneous quality to it, which is true.  It’s hard to do final-quality work when you’re riding on a bus.  So I tried to capture that again today on the Cintiq.  I accomplished it by simply refusing to erase any lines I made.  Commit to the line.