13: A Baby

A long long time ago, in a galaxy very close to home, George Lucas was a good filmmaker.  He brought us THX, American Graffiti, and while the fanboys debate how much direct control he had over the original Star Wars series, I’m going to go ahead and list those as well.  Also Indiana Jones, which is quite possibly one of my favorite trilogies of all time.  But ever since then, he has done nothing but keep revisiting his cash cow.  He’s been intellectually stagnating in the same series in mythos for so long I wasn’t surprised that Temple of the Crystal Skull was horrible.

So while not a literal baby, George Lucas is a big baby so obsessed with getting it “just right” he just keeps getting worse.

I drew this one first.

Attempt One.

Then, about an hour later, I decided I wasn’t happy with it so I revisited it and used my technological advancements to improve the work.

Attempt 2.

I looked at it and decided that there was more yet I could do.

Attempt 3.

STILL unsatisfied, I made one last pass at it.  I retconned all of the previous versions out of existence and retitled the new version “Attempt 1”.  Because it’s not JUST that I felt the previous ones weren’t up to snuff, I don’t even want to acknowledge their existence.

Attempt 1.