14: A Pet

Seeing as how I already did a portrait of my late great awesome kitty, I decided against drawing him again.  There weren’t a lot of options for me, since Tumbles was the only pet I ever remember having, and I couldn’t get reference material for any friends’ pets that weren’t cats.  I just didn’t want to do cats again.  So I struck out into the world of fiction.  What’s my favorite fictional pet?

Chocobos are my favorites.  Specifically, Bartz’s chocobo Boko, from Final Fantasy V.  One of the few chocobos central to a game’s story.

Best Fwends. *wark*

I’ve never been afraid to own up to my long history of liking anime, no matter how guilty some of my college professors tried to make me feel about it.  I always considered the stuff I enjoyed to be on a bit higher artistic/intellectual level than the stuff that gives anime a bad name.  I like Akira, Mamoru Oshii movies, Satoshi Kon films.  Some Miyazaki (but not all of it).  I was pretty discerning.  Very little of what I like fell into the “big eyes” stereotype; I preferred the seinen route.  But when I was looking at old SNES images of Bartz (what they did with him in Dissidia is just unbearable) I said “yeah, whatever, I’ll give those big eyes”.  Just like the box art.

Although there is NO way you’ll ever get me to draw a Chocobo that derpy.