15: A Dinosaur

Sorry for the late post today.  I spent most of the morning working on Pearls, and then day job happened.  More news on Pearls soon, I’m waiting until I’m 100% sure before I start making big statements.  But soon, very soon.  Pearls news will be incoming.

Today’s post is “A Dinosaur”.  You get not one, but TWO delightful dinos, enjoying the “light show”.

Black and White has always been my first love.  I enjoy color comics, but I grew up in black & white.  Classic Charlie Chaplin movies, Dark Horse’s printings of Akira, and even for a while a TV that only played in B&W.  I found myself preferring the almost Noiresqueness that B&W lends to everything if treated right.  This is the first black and white piece that I’ve done on the Cintiq, and I must admit I really like the results.

“I’m not buying these special effects. They look so Hollywood”