18: A Monster

Today’s theme was originally “ZOMBIES”, but as I said at the time, I really REALLY hate Zombies.  At one point in my life I may have found them cool, but in the past decade our media has become so over-saturated with so many zombie movies and video games it’s simply astounding.  All the ideas have been exhausted.  Anything new gets 5 copycats that just do it worse.  When a videogame about Cowboys in the wild west gets a game mode about zombies, it’s time to wake up and realize that we’ve gone too far.  So I’m not doing zombies.

I like dragons.  They’re one of those mythological beasts that are particularly hard to fetishize, since they aren’t humanoid like vampires.  Vampires, like zombies, used to be cool.  But thanks to Twilight and it’s hordes ardent *gag* followers, a little bit of their magic has been lost as well.  Penny Arcade tried to predict what the next undead obsession would be, and I hope they’re not off the mark.  I’d like to see high school girls turn rotting hunks of human flesh into a sexual object.  It would amuse me.  But for now, I think dragons are safe.  So I drew a dragon.

Let it be known that I like my dragons spiky and spindly.  I also like my monsters to have the most confusing anatomy possible.  Monsters are infinitely more terrifying when they move like nothing you’ve ever seen before in your life.

The more spikes, the better.