21: Guilty Pleasure

What’s this? An update in the morning? And a digital one, no less? Someone must not have the morning shift.
There aren’t many things that I consider a guilty pleasure. I have no problem owning up to the things I like. For instance, I watch a lot of anime, and I play Warhammer, and I feel absolutely no guilt about either of those things, no matter how much you try to make me feel bad about them. But I thought really hard and eventually did come up with something.
I used to really love Guitar Hero. Then I started playing real guitar. Then I spent the next three years trying to unlearn all of the bad habits that I learned playing video games. Its the same with the drums. I’ve met a few people that are rwally good at Rock Band drums, but get them on a real kit and they’re helpless.
Just to see if I still had the juice, I played a little GH last night in preparation for this post. I discovered that all of my muscle memory was completely gone. I couldn’t speed stroke like I used to without feeling the burn very quickly. I used to be able to clear “Through the Fire and Flames”, but no more.
And I’m okay with that.
Today’s post features a cameo from the incomparable PreAnimator. I’d hyperlink to him but writing these posts from my phone is a major exercise in frustration WITHOUT trying to get fancy. Just google him, he should be the first result.

Hammerons! Pullofs!