26: An Instrument

In the interest of varying up the subject matter of my postings, I decided against doing a post about drums, because I posted one on the previous draw challenge.  Even though looking back I’m not terribly satisfied with the way it turned out (I was using a very rough line at the time as opposed to a clean one) I decided to try something new.  The Saxaphone.

I’ve been listening to the blues a lot lately.  A LOT of the blues.  Specifically, Cowboy Bebop, but also other stuff.  Listening to something that flows like that has had a marked impact on my ability to focus on my work.  Sometimes if I listen to rock music there’s a jarring end to a track that can throw me subconsciously.  But the blues, oh man that flows so well.  So I drew the sax.  Because I was listening to a sax solo when I picked my topic.

Stylistically, I was talking about Reservoir Dogs yesterday with my coworkers and I was thinking about trying to do something in the style of the poster art for that film, so this is my take on it.

Sexy Saxman Saxagrams