End of an Age

After many conversations with my roommate about art, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m stopping the draw challenge.  Flat out quitting.  I have some reasons, and I can do it without guilt.

As far as we were able to deduce, the entire point in doing something like a draw challenge is to get you drawing every day, especially if you haven’t been drawing previously.  To get the creative juices flowing.  I’ve already been doing that every day with drawing for WeDIG and my personal projects, so it becomes irrelevant for me to be focusing on additional images if their purpose is vague.

In case you haven’t noticed by reading the words, my interest in the draw challenges has waned intensely over the past week or so.  I mean,  yesterday I drew A ROCK.  Spent all of 20 minutes on that piece.  I MADE A PUN and made it public.

Also I’m not looking forward to any of the last three challenges.  So I’m just not doing them.

I think that by taking on these two draw challenges back to back I stretched myself a little thin; I can safely say that, now that I’m done.  I was working on Game Animation, trying to put all the final touches on Pearls and still push forward on my Akira Project.  Try to throw in an additional two or three hours of random drawing a day was just a bad idea.  I’m drawing, I’m working, I just don’t have a lot of postable work.

I think it was all about the posting from the beginning.

So here, in lieu of not having a challenge posting, and being adamant about including at least ONE image with every post, I’ve got this little gem for you.

Because I care.

Pig In A Tophat Riding A Surfboard In Space. The internet would say it’s “Awesome”. I say “meh”.

There will be a rather lengthy/elaborate post tomorrow detailing all of the news-related things that I’ve been keeping under wraps, and perhaps some art?