Getting Back In Touch

Hello Blogonet (or other ironic combinations of web-related terminology).  It’s been a ridiculously crazy two weeks since last we spoke, so let me attempt to fill you in.

The New Job (caps) is awesome.  Very intense, very important work we’re doing here.  Unfortunately I can’t say anything about what it is I do.  It’s the most awesome NDA I’ve ever read/signed, and it’s great.  So that’s that.  I’m working.  Making art.  None of it you will ever see nor will anyone ever, but at the same time, that’s okay.

In personal art related news, not a lot has been going on.  I’ve been doodling, I’ve been drawing, I’ve been spending a lot of time lounging around.  I live in the office, and when the work day is over there’s not a lot for me to do around here.  I wasn’t able to bring a lot of stuff out here with me, but I learned today that my Cintiq is being shipped to me, so I’ll be able to start working on personal projects with all that free time around Wednesday.  The Akira project will continue.

I don’t have any art to post today.  While I’ve been doing lots of doodling and drawing, most of it has been very experimental stuff, very fundamental practice work for myself, messing with how light works in the context of cartoons.  I’ve also been working on designs for a key character in the comic strip I’ve been developing.  Everything else I’ve been doing has been in lined notebook paper, and I really don’t want to show you that.

The We Did It Games project is nearing completion, or so I’ve been told.  I believe the game is in the final stages of its testing at the moment.  My obligations for it were finished on Tuesday, and now it’s just a matter of bug fixing.  As soon as it’s released, expect a mini-post from me to bring it to your attention.

Now that most of my side projects are out of the way, this blog is quite likely to return to its originally intended purpose: showing the world what I’ve been working on in the terms of personal projects.