Bikes In Context

So I was finally able to sit down today and illustrate the bike in the third background for my Akira short film.  After over a month or two of being stuck visually on this frame, it felt great to sit down and make some solid progress.  My hangup was based on the bike facing away from the camera, an uncommon angle for it.  I would have been able to figure it out much easier, but a large text bubble was obscuring most of the details, so a lot of the lines on the board were lacking in any context.  I had to extrapolate from there, but it was difficult.  One day, while looking at my action figure, it just occurred to me by magic that two of the lines in the board were the rear blinkers, and then everything fell back into place.  Production ensued.

Only took about an hour of work, when it was all said and done.  Artsy-style backgrounds commence shortly.

It’s looks so bizarre when there’s nothing else in the frame.