And On To The Next…

Whoah, weird.  Posting two days in a row?  Must be a weekend…

By some freak accident I ended up with enough time this morning to hunker down and finish background 3.  It may have been because there’ been a circular saw blazing away since 8:30 upstairs and thus it was quite impossible to get back to sleep.  There was also hammering.  So I drowned it out with drawing and the new Puscifer album.

Anyway, if you were paying attention yesterday, I posted the finished bike portion of background 3.  I figured it would take a few days to get around to finishing the more artisticly-styled background, but lo and behold a little elbow grease and no distractions helped me turn it around in record time.  So here you go, the completely finished background 3.

No Caption Today.

The illustration uses 43 different layers across the 10 elements of the piece.  Kaneda’s big fat head will occupy the lower lefthand corner of the screen, so there’s not a lot of detail there since I don’t want it to distract.  The bartender will be popping his head out of the window about halfway through the shot, so I had to make some conscious decisions that would make it easier to assemble in After Effects later on down the road.

Unlike backgrounds 1 and 2, in which the backgrounds were fully illustrated, even the material behind the bike, there is nothing behind the bike in this frame.  I considered it, but I decided against it. The bike does not move in this shot and there are no backgrounds being re-used, so you will never see behind it.  Animation is all about cutting corners where you can without sacrificing the final product, and in this case there would be no difference, so I saved myself the effort.

I’m going to keep plowing right along with this background art.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get them all done this decade so I can finally get around to animating the stupid thing.  Background 4 is this one:

Kaneda has one of the stupidest haircuts.

This frame has no background.  Where I had to fabricate a large chunk of background 3, I have to fabricate ALL of background 4.  It won’t be a big deal, it’s essentially revisualizing background 1 from a different angle.  I’ll probably end up taking some reference photographs to help me extrapolate the correct angle and perspective for everything.  Might even build a very simple 3d model of the alley, something I’ve been considering for a while now.

See you soon!  Hopefully next week.