Bonus Feature Preview

Hello world.  It’s been a while since I posted any video content, so I thought that today I would make sure to get on that.  It’s not animation, but it’s still an interesting watch, if I do say so myself.

As I was assembling all of the content for the Pearls DVDs, I found myself wanting to include a few special features.  The film itself takes up very little space on the disc and I wanted to get more bang for my buck.  So I put together three extra short features that people could watch:

  • The Original Storyboard Reel – The original film that I pitched to my classmates and professor.  It is timed quite drastically different, as I had no idea how long certain actions would be or how I would end up animating certain portions, but other than the length very few things changed.  Only 3 shots were added, and each of them were tiny, used mainly to change directions effectively.  Includes the original temp music; “Besaid Island” from Final Fantasy X
  • Production Reel – A series of stills and images relating to the creation and immediate aftermath of making Pearls.  Includes the original color concept art, character model sheets, style variant illustrations, expression guides, and photographs from the Big Screen XV premiere of the film.
  • A “Making Of” Time-Lapse Short – I redesigned the cover for the new DVDs, one that matches the vibe of the short and fits better with the themes and mood.  The original always felt too scary and dark for me.  I decided to record the illustration process, going from the rough sketch all the way to the finished piece, and compressed the hour and a half project into roughly the same length as the film.  It’s set to the “Pearls” score as well.
The last of those features, the Making Of short, is now up on Vimeo to watch in full.  I’d love you to go to my Vimeo account and look at it and some of my other videos, but I’m also embedding it here for your ease of viewing.