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In my genius, on Friday I left the flash drive with most of my art on it in New York City.  It’s fine, it’s in a safe place, I just have to go get it.  I have been *insanely* busy and who knows when I’ll get the opportunity to get down there.  There’s a chance I may be able to get it on Friday, but who knows.  Until then, it’s back to doing random drawings for me!

I usually don’t like making fan art, and even more so I’d rather not post it, but I can’t help myself with this one.  I was inspired by egoraptor’s new web series “Sequelitis”, in particular the Megaman vs. Megaman X episode (there’s only two to choose from right now anyway).  It’s a brilliant breakdown of game design and implementation.  What you expect to be a rant about old games vs. modern games surprises you by being a well-thought out and articulated argument about just making good design choices across the board.  Every designer can learn something from watching it.  He’s emphasized key points of game design without you needing to take a course on it.  Definitely a video to watch. (NSFW)

The video inspired me to go back and play Megaman 2, and before I knew it, I was doing an illustration.  I’ve been working in taller formats lately, simply because I’ve been enjoying NOT WORKING IN FILM MODE ALL THE TIME.  It’s a refreshing change of pace from constantly being in widescreen.  I get to do more full-body illustrations and not have to make sacrifices because of the shape of the frame.  Instead of posting a lot of images of the process, and making a post the size of a two story building, I made a GIF!

Click on me, I’m animated.

The joy of .GIF files… screwing up my carefully selected colors and smooth gradient shifts to make everything “web safe”.  Oh well.  The final product is below:

I like you much better when you’re not moving.

I’ve always enjoyed drawing Megaman with a “darker” tone.  I know that gritty reboots are all the rage right now, but I always felt that from the beginning the X series was dark.  It was done intentionally to showcase the differences between it and the regular series.  The idea that all of the main villains were once your friends and allies, corrupted by a virus, and not just another collection of mindless baddies created by some “mad scientist” was far more intriguing to me.  So I drew X the way I usually do.  Bombed out and angry.