Secret Game Project: REVEALED!!!

So, the top secret We Did It Games! project that I was working on all summer and part of the fall was finally released yesterday.

You can play it here:

The game is based off of “Ratfist”, a webcomic by Doug TenNapel.  Intrepid readers might know Doug better as the creator of “Earthworm Jim”, one of the most popular video game icons of the 90s.  I’m not sure about the details, but somehow Doug found out about our little startup/upstart (depending on your views) team, and we were offered the opportunity to work on this new IP.

It’s been a crazy ride since WeDIG founder Wayne Watrach brought me on to the team in late May.  I was able to wrap up my responsibilities in the early part of October, but that whole time there were always more things to animate.  I worked on the Cats, the Dogmen, and the Final Boss animation.

It’s really surreal seeing my  name on the same credits page as Doug TenNapel and Tommy Tallarico.  I was a huge Earthworm Jim fan as a kid, much to the confusion of my parents.  I still remember the level-select code for the SNES version of Earthworm Jim 2.  It just feels like I’ve come fully circle, getting a chance to work on an IP in the style of one of my childhood heroes.

Enjoy the game, sometime in the next week I’ll get around to compiling some of the animation that I did so that you can see it without having to be any good at video games.