Memory Lane

Back in the day, when I was regular contributing to the internet phenomenon known as “webcomics”, I created a character called “Kanto Keith”.  This Keith proved to be slightly successful, as far as not-professional webcomics go.  I always assumed that it had less to do with the quality of the writing or the artwork than it did with it’s subject matter.

It was about Pokemon.  Specifically, a guy who hunted Pokemon.  With guns, and grenades.  Apparently this is the kind of thing the internet really loves.  I stopped drawing the series to focus on schoolwork, and somewhere in there I decided not to pick it back up.  Not because I didn’t like working on it; I had big plans for that story/character and I had a blast thinking up some of the potential plotlines, but because I would never be able to do anything with the IP.

If I ever tried to take it beyond the realm of goofing off, Nintendo would be cease and desisting all over me.  I didn’t want to waste my time on a project that could go nowhere.  So I put Keith on the backburner and thought of different ways to repurpose him.

I finally did find a way; he’s going to be making an appearance in the comic series I’m developing about the night shift supermarket.  He’s taking on the role of a war-vet kind of character, a guy who’s been through some intense stuff and is now down on his luck.  He’s the same character, with the same backstory as a monster hunter.  He’s a little older, a little wiser, and a lot more rugged.  But just for fun, I decided to do an illustration of Keith in his original outfit, one last time.

Not seen here: “Pokenades”, grenades camouflaged as pokeballs.