Work In Progress

Hello everyone, it’s been a while, although its still sooner than I was originally predicting to be back.  I’ve been incredibly busy preparing for the upcoming holiday season; lots of things to take care of, but I’ve found some time to start a new illustration project.  It’s nowhere near finished, but I figured I’d put up what I’m doing, since it’s been so long since I made a post.  It’s been a while since I draw a guy in full plate.  Years, probably.  For a while as a kid it was the only thing I did draw.  I’m really into medieval arms and armor and whatnot, but my worldview has changed slightly since I was drawing warriors all day.

When I see a knight clad in gleaming white armor gilded to the brim with fancy designs, I no longer see a valiant prince chosen by the heavens to save the kingdom… reality caught up with me and now I see a spoiled prince who’s never had a real battle before and doesn’t realize that no amount of ornate decoration will increase one’s resistance to unholy fire.  When I see a guy like the one in the picture below squaring off to go up against a dragon, I see immediate, instantaneous defeat in a ball of murder flame.

And good riddance.  You’d think that Lord of the Rings would have shown people the light of the grizzled swordsman, a la Strider.  But we keep getting knights in shining armor, trotting off on their manicured horses on a suicide mission.

There’s a lot going on off camera that I simply haven’t gotten around to yet

Several hours of cleanup later:

Several hours later…

This illustration is still many many man-hours away from being completed.  I haven’t even touched the background/action layers yet.  I wanted to make sure the prince was looking fantastic before I started focusing on other details.  I’ll post again next week with where I stand.