A lot of times I sit down to draw without any clear idea of what I’m going to be doing.  Usually this tends to end up as me practicing anatomy or facial structures or hands or something like that on a doodlepad.  Today was one of those days where I just sat down, pen in hand, and started going.  I’ve been playing with some different types of brushes lately, trying to find more interesting ways to paint things and mix it up a bit artistically.  I’ve been looking at a lot of Yoji Shinkawa‘s illustrations lately.  He’s best known as the character illustrator and concept artist for the Metal Gear franchise, one of my favorite series ever.  The more I look at his work, the more I find myself wanting to take my art in that direction.  His illustrations have a very dark, almost abstract  feel to them, but still retain a hint of root in a more comic style.  It’s similar in that vein to the work of Yoshitaka Amano, another one of my favorite artists, only Amano’s work is more ethereal and fanciful.  I particularly like Shinkawa’s work as he reached the Metal Gear Solid 3 years.  The illustrations he contributed to that title are simply gorgeous.

Today’s illustration was done with the work of Shinkawa in the very forefront of my mind, but with no specific subject or context to frame it in.

Gotta have blue hair.

I wanted to focus more on the brushwork and the coloring today.  Sometime in the near future I’m going to try and take a more contrasted approach to illustrations like Shinkawa does.

I’m just trying out some new things for a while.