I get my second-best ideas while brushing my teeth.  I get my third best ideas while being bored, and I get my very best ideas in meetings where I can’t write them down.  Today was a teeth-brushing idea.  I decided to do a series of illustrations of the characters from my comic series, bringing all of them into my current art style.  They’re all going to be in a similar presentation to the last one: original drawing on the right, profile illustration of new character on the left.  Black and white, good to go.  Today is the female love interest turned hate interest in later versions.  I decided to strip the romance out of the story because the good guy falling in love with his partner is just so… predictable?  Cliche?  Whatever.

Toned down for modern audiences.

I’ve always found it incredibly hypocritical when fans of the Marvel/DC superhero comics criticize manga for having unrealistic proportions and lack of anatomy then turn around and read comics featuring impossibly-breasted women beating people up and superheroes with more muscle lines than professional bodybuilders.

Early versions of this character suffered from a similar problem.  Obviously designed by an adolescent boy with no idea what a normal woman looked like.  The new design has her breasts dialed back considerably, given an outfit that makes some sort of sense (collars AND lapels?  What is going on there in the right??) and with far more personality than she originally did.