Modern Art

Let it be known here and now that I dislike a good majority of modern art.  Somewhere down the road art got so conceptual, pretentious, and high-minded that it became so stuffed with meaning that it lost all meaning.

There’s a lot of really cool modern art, especially in scuplture.  Frank Stella’s painting apply a neat sense of geometry that appeals to me.  But there’s a lot of real stupid stuff, too.  I’m going against everything that art school ever preached at me from over the top of their wine glasses, but I’m not a big fan of Jackson Pollock.

These pieces here arose out of an accident.  There is no meaning, there is no symbolism.  They were created by a computer, with human assistance, and I thought they “looked cool”.  The geometric shapes, the lines, all of them were produced without thought or contemplation.

Study #1

If you can figure out what program these were made in, I’ll give you a dollar. (maybe)