International Community

I know I haven’t been posting nearly enough.  This is probably the busiest I’ve ever been in my life.  The past three weeks have been a whirlwind of office activity, and it’s kept my incredibly busy.  When I’m not working, the PreAnimator and I are still trying to get our new apartment in order.  I’ve been without an office desk for 2 weeks, so my computer and Cintiq are all boxed up on the floor.  Eventually we’ll get a chance to get everything straightened out and then productivity can commence.  I’m itching to get back on the Akira project and make some decent progress, but the job comes first.

In my variety of online dealer-ings, Finesense and I have managed to pick up a penpal in Japan after purchasing Akira (of course) stuff off her awesome Ebay store.  She was an awesome help to us after the package was initially considered “lost” in the aftermath of the earthquakes over there.  6 or 7 months later, the package arrived on my doorstep.  She apologized profusely and sent along an awesome handwritten letter including an origami pikachu.  And thus, we have a penpal.  I’m doodling a little cutesy something to send to her in the coming months, after I order another rare piece of Akira merch that she happens to have.  I was able to do the 3-minute pencil sketch yesterday and found time time to ink it on the train (yeah, inking on a moving vehicle) on my way home from work, the one time of day when I can have guaranteed drawing time.  I’ll post the inked image soon; I’m thinking of coloring it or shading but I’m not sure of the best method.  I’ll play around with it.  I’ve got plenty of time.

Chuu totoro over there on the right is lookin’ a little derpy, but I’ll get him right.