Cloud of Dust Bunnies

A couple weeks ago I posted the rough pencils for a Totoro illustration I was making for our Japanese pen pal.  I haven’t spent a lot of time on it since then, work has been up and down and I’ve had a lot of things to tend to vis a vis the new house, and as of yesterday, a new cat (pics at the end, I promise)

Here’s where it stands in the most recent iteration.

The next step is most likely digital watercolors

In other news, a few of the people that had a big part to play in our senior thesis film “HAVEN” have started working on a new short, and they contacted me over the weekend to maybe do some storyboarding work for them and further down the line some more concrete concept art.  Work is the downslope, so I was fortunate enough to not have to turn them down.  This’ll be the first storyboarding that I’ll be doing with my Cintiq, and I’m excited to get a slick hands on.  I don’t believe I’ll be doing the story reel, but I’m totally game for the rough art.