Work’s been pretty steady lately, not a lot of time for arting.  Most of what I’ve been drawing lately has been doodles and practice sketching.  My current endeavor has been working on how I draw women, and faces in general.  I’m trying to take it in some new directions.  Of course, there’s nothing in those doodle pages that I want to show the internet, but indeed I have been drawing.  A lot.

I’ve been doing a lot of storyboarding for a project with some of my old college mates.  The boards will probably be done today or tomorrow, then me assembling the reel the following day.  Below is a teaser for the project.  Sometime this week I’m going to practice with my watercolor paints for that Totoro illustration.  I’m not very comfortable with wet media so I’m going to need some practice using a brush again.

OMG TACOS would be the best brand name.