Ooooooh Boy

Sooooo, all of last week I spent shrouded in the haze of commission art:

This is the artistic equivalent of taking a wide variety of delicious ingredients and piling them into a bucket and mixing it up. The final product is disgusting but that makes no sense.

A friend of mine requested a drawing of herself several months back, but I kept putting it off for work and other work.  We went back and forth on some of the ideas, and this is what eventually came out of the conversation.  It’s everything that the internet seems to like:

Nazi Zombies
Sherlock Holmes
Pretty Girls
Jet Pack Dogs

Okay, so the internet isn’t that thrilled with Sherlock Holmes, but this is essentially an amalgam of popular internet tropes.  It’s everything the internet loves but when rolled all together it becomes it’s own… bizarre thing.  People who saw it were unable to formulate words to describe it.  I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but here we are nonetheless.

I really tried to focus on the different types of lighting with this piece… the hot colors for the fire explosions; the harsher lighting on the metallic dinosaur, reflections in the clouds.  This project was all about the lighting.  And the lasers.  Everyone loves lasers.