It is now official, “Pearls” is done.  There have been a number of outstanding tasks for me in regards to it’s 100% completion, in terms of authoring the DVD menus, organizing files, and all that, and it’s done.

I did a really lousy doodle on the cover because its the Master. Nobody will ever see it but me.

I am currently holding in my hands the master disc for the DVD Edition of Pearls.  The disc labels are desined, the cover is ready to go, and my burner is ready.  The Bluray version of the film has been authored, but as of yet, I do not have access to a Bluray burner, so until that becomes available only DVDs will be made.  Orders for DVDs will begin soon… ish.  People that helped make the film will get a free copy of whichever version they’d like, so I need to get some of that contact information.

In other art news, not a lot has been going on lately.  I’ve been doing lots of sketches, lots of doodles and practice, but nothing that I really feel like showing anyone.  I’m going to start getting back into working on the Akira project soon, so in the next few weeks there might be a time-lapse drawing of the last background coming.

I’ll try to stay focused and I’ll try to keep everyone updated, but posts about animation are  by their nature going to be much fewer and far between than posts about drawings.