Hey, look what I’ve got.

That looks delicious.

Yes indeed, that is the “Pearls” special edition DVD, all mastered and printed on a high-gloss disc and ready to get stuffed into an envelope and mailed out.  Soon, YOU TOO can own your own copy!

The special edition release comes with:

  • Brand new score realized by musical wunderkind Allison Geatches
  • Fancy-pants wraparound cover art
  • A time-lapse video detailing the illustration of the cover
  • Original storyboard reel
  • A collection of stills and images, including concept art and photos from Big Screen XV, the festival that Pearls took 1st place at.

Order your copy today!  What are you waiting for?

If the answer to that question is “The inevitable Bluray release”, don’t worry, I’ve got your back.  The Bluray disc has been made, and quality assurance tests are being carried out this week.

As a special incentive, here’s a “Before and After” image of the cover art, from rough layout sketch to final product.