“You Don’t Believe In Tipping? “

Hello all!  It’s been a while since I posted.  I’ve been busy with a few side projects, dealing with a hurricane, and a few other things I’d like to share but I don’t think I can yet.  I’ve finally got something that I can throw up on the site, so here you go.

I’m a pretty avid Reddit user.  I rarely ever post, usually just commenting, but a while back I shared my collection of Akira memorabilia and received quite the positive feedback for it.  A few nice people even volunteered to mail me a few things they had lying around that they didn’t want, free of charge.  Not one to take freebies in stride, I offered to pay them back with art.  In exchange for an action figure, I whipped up this little poster for a big fan of Reservoir Dogs living in Canada:

Stuck in the middle with you