Chicago Film Critics Association “Emerging Filmmakers Award”

I haven’t had a lot to say lately; I’ve been incredibly busy with work and projects in varying stages of completion, but I thought I’d pop on here to mention that “Pearls” was chosen as a selection for the Chicago Film Critics Association’s “Emerging Filmmaker’s Award”.  The screening is tomorrow night, as part of a much larger weekend of fun activities hosted by the CFCA.  If you’re in Chicago with nothing to do on Friday, head up to the Muvico theater in Rosemont and check it out!

I also found out halfway through writing this post that “Haven”, the student film I provided storyboards and supervised 2D animation on, was also accepted into the show, as was “Play Date”, a film a large number of my classmates at Columbia worked on.  Congratulations to everyone else who made it into the show!

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