Double Reels

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been so quiet out here; it’s been pretty busy.  I had another business trip a bit ago, and things have just been super hectic around here in general.

I’ve got a few small updates and a new VIDEO to share!

So a while ago I mentioned that through the magic of Reddit I had picked up a gig doing the storyboards and the animatic reel for a live-action Akira fan trailer.  The short is still a good ways from being complete, but they have recently relaunched their website, so you can check that out here:

Akira Project

I got a little blurb in the “Team” section!  I’m really stoked about this one, and I can’t wait to see the finished trailer.  I’ve seen a rough cut of the film so far without any visual effects, and it is an incredibly surreal thing to watch your illustrations come to life on screen.


Way back in March of 2012 I made this little teaser post.

While the short still hasn’t been completed (the team is volunteering in their free time, and we’re all busy people) I was informed recently that I was allowed to show off the finished reel.  So here’s that.

I had a lot of freedom with the script, and only got some direction on a few key shots.  The character designs hadn’t been locked down at this point, but I’ve seen some of the models and things look pretty similar.  I don’t have any further obligations to this project, but I’ll keep people up to date on it as I hear things and I’ll be plugging it like crazy once it’s finished.