Arcade Cabinet

About a year and a half ago my office acquired a MAME arcade cabinet through a friend.  We’ve since rebuilt almost the entire machine from scratch with new video cards and hard drives and a file systems, but we kept the original cabinet.  We decided that it was time for a new coat of polish.

I was tasked with coming up with a cool decal that we could emblazon our rig with, and I thought “What more appropriate theme for an arcade machine than our own employees as their favorite video game characters?”  I took a quick office poll and then got to work.  All the characters were drawn in Illustrator, and the shading was done in Photoshop on my Cintiq.

The boys and girl of IPDemons

The boys and girl of IPDemons

Games featured:  Dr. Mario, Megaman, Kingdom Hearts, Pong, Blazing Lasers, The Legend of Zelda, Galaga, Pokemon, and Fallout.  It was a blast coming up with a cohesive style for all these different games, and especially trying to make the entire color scheme feel more “retro”.  I pulled samples of the warm yellows and other colors from the sides of other vintage cabinets like PacMan and Centipede, and then picked something that worked best for my purposes.

Here’s the paneling in action:

I'm so glad this thing doesn't take quarters or I'd be broke.

I’m so glad this thing doesn’t take quarters or I’d be broke.

The company logo on the top-front panel of the machine is backlit, and it was actually made at a much earlier date, right after we got it.  I plan on going back in when I have some free time and remaking it to mesh with the rest of the design as it stands now.