Final Fantasy XIV: Commission Collection

I try not to flood this blog with art from Final Fantasy.  I draw and sketch a lot of it on my own, and I don’t like posting most of it just for variety’s sake.  However, over the past few months I’ve been doing a /lot/ of art for /other people/ based on it.  It’s an online game, and I’ve made a lot of friends, and when people find out you can draw they tend to like getting art done of their characters.  It’s only natural.  If people want to give me real-world money to draw their avatars, who am I to turn them down?

Here’s a some of my favorite pieces I’ve done based on the game universe.


I’m going to start with my favorite first. This was a birthday commission for CassandraJP, a fellow comics artist.




Player Costia Demora and her fairy.




Player Aysun Demiir and her bard.



Aatrix Deir Blue

A join commission for two people; Aatrix Makar and Deirdre Ta’ea.




A kobold




One of the signature Final Fantasy monsters, a tonberry.