Akira Project: Completed

As many of you may know, over a year ago I got involved with CineGround, a Canadian based production company that was looking to make a fan trailer based off of Akira, which as I’m sure you’re all aware, is my favorite thing ever.  I was asked to contribute storyboards to their project, which ended up being just over 3 minutes of footage.  I didn’t have a whole lot of time to whip the boards together, a few weeks at most in between obligations to my day job, combined with putting together the animatic once it was all done.  The film was over a year in post-production, but it’s finally done!  I’m so excited to share it with you!

And here is the cut of the animatic that I delivered to the director.

I worked mainly off a shot list, and we were both too busy to set up a conference call to work out any of the shots, and for the most part it looks like a lot of my stuff made it in.  The only shot I was really hoping to see was the very last one I made with Tetsuo sitting on the throne (because I just love the imagery of it) but it was cut.  The end product looks absolutely amazing though, and I’m super proud to have been a part of this production!